Director's Message

Farrukh Khan
Dr. Furrukh A. Khan

Associate Professor

Mushtaq Ahmad Gurmani School of Humanities and Social Sciences



It is a great honor to have been entrusted to lead the Office of International Affairs at LUMS. Pakistan stands at the cusp of attaining its rightful place as a major economic, political and social gateway for East, Central and South Asia as well as the world. It is the perfect time to re-narrativize the crucial role that Pakistan and LUMS can play to let others benefit from interaction that offers opening up of hitherto closed academic and institutional avenues. Right now is the time for coming together of people and minds to confront and overcome myriad of challenges facing our world. It is only through interaction and collaboration that communities and nations overcome what, at first glance, might appear to be insurmountable obstacles. 

To the faculty and students at LUMS, I want to assure you that OIA wants to be your willing partner in assisting your search to find new areas and institutions for study, research and collaboration. In addition to already tested possibilities, which should be strengthened, OIA is ready to explore new pathways for you to exceed and not merely realize your true potential. 

To the incoming scholars and students, my message is simple and comes from the core of my being, I, OIA, LUMS, Lahore and Pakistan are ready to welcome you with open arms. Do come to us with your innovative, daring and unique ideas, and be amazed by the overwhelming support, cooperation and generosity that you will find in LUMS, Lahore and Pakistan. Come to LUMS to learn about education that is not merely confined to the classroom, learn about yourself, learn how to unleash your potential, learn to become a person who not changes him/herself but the whole society for the better.